Our Philosophy

At BigFundr, we believe in first guaranteeing your principal and interest, and then offering 'steady, consistent returns' superior to what is being offered in the traditional fixed income market.

Quah Kay Beng

Founder & CEO, BigFundr

Getting Started


Tell us about yourself.

Tell us about your goals, risk tolerance, and investment timeline. We will tailor our portfolio recommendations based on your individual preferences.


Onboard online in 5 minutes.

For onboarding, we would require you to fill in your personal details (much like opening a bank account but entirely online).


We ensure that it is secure for you.

When you create a BigFundr account, an independent third-party cash administrator will be engaged to manage your funds and process the transactions that you make on our platform.

The cash administrator appointed in BigFundr is Vistra Pte Ltd.

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What we do in 10 simple steps.



When property developers need funding, there are always loan opportunities. BigFundr understands this and searches for real estate-backed opportunities across various developed countries in the world, such as the United Kingdom, Australia and Europe.


Credit Assessment

BigFundr conducts appropriate credit assessments and due diligence on these real estate-backed loan opportunities.


Curated Deals

All the real estate-backed loan opportunities are then listed on the BigFundr platform as Deals. You can choose the Deal that best suits your needs.


Risks vs. Returns

There will be a detailed document, i.e., Property factsheet, for you to ascertain the risks vs. returns of each Deal.


Cash Transfer

Once you have decided to invest in a particular Deal, you will have to transfer your funds to the account managed by our appointed cash administrator (an independent third party).


Cash Administration

To protect your interests, we have an appointed cash administrator (an independent third party) to administer the invested funds on your behalf.



The cash administrator (an independent third party) will only administer the release of the funds to the Borrower’s account after they have cleared compliance and signed the necessary legal contracts.



All our loans have real estate as collateral. BigFundr has the first legal charge on the real estate, i.e., BigFundr will be the first to be paid back upon the sale of the real estate if the Borrower goes into default.


Monthly Interest

The Borrower will repay your principal and the agreed interest according to the Investment Repayment Schedule. Your monthly interest will be credited into your BigFundr account. You are free to withdraw your monthly interest at any time.


100% Guaranteed

Your principal and interest are fully guaranteed by Maxi-Cash*. In the unlikely event that the Borrower misses out on their repayments or goes into default, Maxi-Cash* will immediately step in to repay you, our investors, your principal and interest payments as scheduled.